Couldn't wait for the hot dog vendor
Anchors away
Now that's gotta hurt
How to spice up bowling
Take that!
He may now be competing in the female polevault
Catfight... WWF style
Who says wrestling isn't real? (*Warning - very graphic!*)
Why salmon is so expensive
Now singing soprano... and if he made it he would've smashed his face into the fence
Birds should not play 'chicken' with baseballs
Why do you think they call it dope?
Kick to the back + whiplash + 10' drop + head smash = ouch!
The world's shortest vacation
It's Fri, 5:00 and my chest cavity just caved in
Man Show Boy at the beach
Man Show Boy at the liquor store
Beans, beans, the musical fruit
Never had it from the start
Need For Speed - 165
Need For Speed - Wanna race?
Need For Speed - Bonnie & Clyde
Wear a helmet!!
Physics 101
Trunk monkey!
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